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Nephio in Action: Managing a Real-World 5G Core with Nokia

By July 7, 2024No Comments

At ONE Summit 2024, István Kispál from Nokia Bell Labs shared his experience using Nephio’s Release 2 to manage a Nokia 5G core on AWS. This case study highlights the practical challenges and successes in deploying and operating a 5G core using Nephio.

Key Insights:

  • Blueprint Adaptation: Significant changes were needed to integrate existing resources with Nephio.
  • Topology Management: Handling complex network topologies required flexible strategies.
  • Automation: One-click deployment and lifecycle management were achieved through new features.
  • Deployment Strategies: Effective management across multiple nodes and providers was crucial.

Read the full blog on the LF Networking blog and watch Kispál’s presentation on the LFN YouTube channel to learn more about this deployment.